Update on Photo Diary Pieces

Right, I was planning to add lots of “diary” pieces to this blog, as they were a useful way to give insights into the business. I’m planning to use them to illustrate lots of behind the scenes stuff – and not just the technical stuff either, but all the more esoteric things like psychology, creativity, and even some tangible stuff like production.

I’ve got a backlog of pieces waiting to be written from shoots that have already taken place, and obviously as new stuff happens I can write about that as well, but first there are 2 problems:

  1. The lead times between shooting stuff and my client’s publishing it can be quite lengthy, and is never less than a couple of weeks. I can’t go public with stuff until my clients do, else I’ll get my wrist slapped. Given that the majority of my clients are monthly magazines, and that they sometimes bank stories up well in advance, this is going to be an ongoing problem, so don’t be too surprised if a piece on a shoot from September appears in mid-December. It’s not laziness (erm, well maybe a little), just professional caution.
  2. On a similar note, whilst I don’t have to get everything I write about that concerns my clients proof read by them and fully approved, it’s still a good idea to get some ground rules established with them as regards what they’re happy for me to talk about. I’m no lawyer, and I’m not trying to be controversial on this blog, but it’s possible that in talking about, say, working with celebrities, I could say something that could end me and my client up in very hot water. A few little chats are called for first I believe!

So, with that I’m off for a natter with Men’s Fitness, Golf Monthly, Runner’s World, Maxim, Poker Player, Inside Poker, and all the rest. Back in a bit.

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