Drinks with Dara

Dara O'Briain
Dara demonstrates the “Lee Harvey Oswald” sexual position. Fill in the blanks yourselves.

No setup shots or technical info to speak of here, simply an account of one of those shoots when I consider myself very lucky to be doing my job!¬† Way back in February I had the pleasure of doing a shoot with Mr Dara O’Briain, for MAXIM magazine. The format for the interview is one that we’ve done several times since, with a host of other celebrities – we meet up with them in a pub, and they answer questions that have been submitted by “readers”, which they pull from a pint glass. Normally the celeb will hang around for the minimum amount of time required, and then politely toddle off. Not in Dara’s case!

Dara O'Briain
Nick gets a bit too friendly with Dara

We got to the pub early, being the professionals we are, as we won’t supposed to start until 4 in the afternoon. Dara turned up about 5 minutes later, and we proceeded to chat for a good while before we even started the interview. During the interview he answered every question at great length, and with much hilarity. Towards the end I had to take a few posed portraits, and grabbed the chance to shoot a personal one (see below). By now it was about 6 O’clock and the private room we’d been using was opened to the public. This being Friday evening it filled up pretty quickly, but at around the same time Dara said “fancy a beer?” And we did.

Dara O'Briain
Dara looking angry. Very out of character

The three of us were sitting there chatting for a couple more hours, until at about half 8, Dara suddenly went “oh crap, the wife’s expecting me home”, made his excuses and left. Not a bad performance for an interview that normally takes people about an hour. All in all a very amusing, intelligent and friendly chap – I urge you all to go out now and buy anything he’s selling, so that he may long continue to be able to buy us rounds of cider!

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