Portfolios – A Summary

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Not a very lengthy summary this, as I’ve made most of my arguments within the main posts. Instead here’s a quick list of what I think are the main points about portfolios you should bear in mind:

  1. Presentation is very important – if your work looks shit it will reflect very badly on you and make you look cheap, this is the one area where it really does pay to get the best quality.
  2. Editing is even more important – don’t be afraid to show only a few images, and if you’re not certain that something is the best you can do, or it’s been getting mixed reactions, sack it off.
  3. The personal aspect of a portfolio viewing is at least as important as the pictures themselves, never pass up on the chance to meet people face to face and let them discover what a truly wonderful human being you are (man).
  4. Developing a coherent “body” or book of work as opposed to a range of subjects is largely a matter of preference. My personal feelings on this are quite well documented, but all the same I’d be the first to admit that because Art Directors can’t easily categorise me I may have missed out on some high-profile jobs. Do what seems right for you and the market you are targeting.
  5. Always have a portfolio ready – you never know when the opportunity to stick it under someones nose may arise.

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