This week I are mostly been…

  1. Redesigning the blog, obviously.
  2. Shooting Ross McGowan, Jeev Singh, and Rory Mcilroy, European tour players, at Brocket Hall.
  3. Going to Cannes and back in a day, for Inside Poker, to photograph Erica Schoenberg and David Benyamine
  4. Closely followed by photographing the Golf Monthly team playing at the Belfry, just before they close it for the British Masters
  5. Trying to catch up on some lost sleep, caused by the above 3 jobs, and failing.
  6. Finally succumbing to the inevitable and buying a blackberry. I hate myself already.
  7. Taking screengrabs of Heat – one of the most beautifully shot films ever, in my humble opinion, to add to my sourcebank.

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