Hey Kids – It’s the Nikon/Calumet Roadshow – Coming soon to a College near you!

Nikon Calumet Roadshow at Edinburgh College
Nikon Calumet Roadshow at Edinburgh College

Oh yes, it’s time for goodie bags, baseball caps. cheesy catch-phrases, and a whole host of other radio 1-sometime in-the-1980’s-style-chic – the Nikon/Calumet Roadshow starts next week!

To my disappointment there will be very little running on stage in oversize trainers, to the sounds of Kool and the Gang (though I’m sure we could arrange it if I was that way inclined). Instead, myself, and the good folk from Nikon and Calumet are appearing at 8 colleges* all round the country throughout October and early November. The general format is for me to give a talk in the morning in which I’ll go behind the scenes on various shoots – using each to illustrate various facets of the job that don’t normally see the light of day (kind of like a live version of this blog), then rounding off with a brief introduction to business, and the usual Q+A’s.

After a light and nutritious lunch a select bunch of folk will be set the arduous assignments we’ve assigned. These have been designed to be as realistic as possible, with the emphasis very much on producing usable results in the time frame provided, rather than polished works of art. Those that make the grade will then have their work appraised afterwards, and unless I’m mistaken there are camera-based prizes up for grabs.*2

Nikon and Calumet obviously have a presence at every event, and are far better placed to answer any technical queries than me. Plus, they’re both launching their student discount schemes – and if I were a student again I’d go out and get pissed most nights and have lots of casual sex definitely take advantage of them.

The dates and locations are:

  • 7th October – Glasgow Metropolitan College
  • 8th October – Stevenson College, Edinburgh
  • 14th October – Newcastle College
  • 15th October – Hull College of Art and Design
  • 29th October – University of Coventry
  • 31st October – University of Wales – Newport
  • 4th November – Plymouth College (PCAD)
  • 6th November – University College, Falmouth.

So, pretty much John O’Groats to Land’s End. To the best of my knowledge, only students who are on courses at the above colleges are entitled to the privilege of hearing me chunter on for hours on end, but I’m sure if you were dead keen and asked nicely……

*I say “colleges” not because I’m American, but because I went to a college, not a university, so referring to that period of my life always makes me think of “college”. It’s just one of my endearing quirks.

*2 Yes, I am mistaken! This is something we discussed at an early meeting, but in practice handing out decent prizes at 8 colleges was deemed too expensive. Plus there was the problem of how to award the prize – if it was simply down to my opinion of who shot the best stuff for the brief it would be very subjective, and we’d probably have to disqualify a good few people who, whilst they may have produced brilliant work, didn’t meet many of our requirements in regards to things like image format, colour space and so on. There is however a prize draw for all those who sign up for the student discount. Which is a win/win situation when you look at it!

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