An idea so good, I ought to be careful my foot doesn’t fall off.*

You know how it is, you wrestle with a problem for ages, and then suddenly the answer leaps in front of you. In my case I’d been searching for a way to use softboxes with my flashguns, but all my attempts were either too big and unwieldy, or too flimsy and clumsy. Despite having the cash I was reluctant to buy things like the Lastolite solutions, as it would have meant yet another system and accessory. Since I already owned so much stuff, and so many little bits like spigots and so on, I reasoned I must be able to conjure something up with what I already had.

I kept getting stuck on how to mount the softbox speedring to everything else though. That is, until I remembered that 3 of my Calumet softboxes have speedrings with built in tripod screw sockets. Screw a spigot into them, and Bob’s your uncle, I can attach it to anything that holds a spigot. Everything else just falls into place.

The piccy above should explain what I’m talking about, and clicking on it will take you to the Flickr set that shows how I made it. I’ve no sample photos to post yet, and given the usual restrictions on how long it takes jobs to clear it could be a while before the world gets to see anything.

Mind you, I’m not expecting it to look amazing – I’m already well aware what a Softbox looks like in practice. It’s just that with this I can attach any of my existing softboxes, and use them with flashguns whenever I feel like it.


* Nursie’s Brother had the good idea of cutting his toenails with a Scythe, and his foot fell off.

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