The Quietest Assistant I’ve Ever Had

The quietest assistant I’ve ever had was working for me last Friday, and a very good job he did too.

The Quietest Assistant I've ever had
There he is look, hard at work stopping my brand new “Credit Crunch Softbox” from falling over in the high wind.

I’ve had a Lowe Pro Vertex 200 since January 2008, and am pretty happy with it, but I’ve hardly ever used the strap in the lid that allows it to be hung off a tripod to stabilise and balance it. Mainly because I hardly ever use a tripod – more’s the pity, as I know it would help me to slow down and focus on what I’m doing more.

In one of those marvellous instances of not spotting what’s directly under my nose it had never occurred to me that I could use it to weigh down light stands when outside. I’m very glad I’ve realised this, as I didn’t mind too much in the olden days when it was only a cheapy brolly that got bust when the stand (and the flash, and the quantum, and the pocket wizard) all came tumbling down, but I’d hate to see my shiny new softbox contraption go the same way.

Assistant Detail

Of course, in an ideal world, I’d simply have more budget for an assistant on jobs, but until then I guess I’ll be using the bag.

All it needs now is a name. Answers on a postcard please, to the usual address.

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