This week I are mostly been…

  • Shooting more book covers for Headline Publishing – same series of books as before, and an equally pleasant experience.
  • Having a very busy day on Wednesday – see previous post for more details!
  • Shooting a “Fitness Heroes” feature for Men’s Fitness.
  • Having dinner with friends and catching up with mates before Christmas.
  • Going to the Vue Christmas party.
  • Having a couple of people down for work experience – hopefully I should be able to generate a blog post out of their respective experiences once they’ve had a chance to write me something.
  • Finishing my highest turnover month ever – and I won’t be shooting anything past the 19th, so your guess is as good as mine as to how much better it could have been if Christmas wasn’t just round the corner.
  • Finally catching up on all the sleep I’ve been missing over the past few weeks!

I intend to do as little as possible over the Christmas period, as I really haven’t had much of a break all year – so things will be pretty quiet on the blog front. Enjoy any holiday you may be having, and I’ll see you in the New Year.

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