This week I are mostly been….

Shooting a year’s worth of content for “Women and Golf Magazine” at “la Roda” in Spain. All in all I’ve done:

  • 9 main instruction features (4 pages each)
  • 9 Course Management features (3 pages each)
  • 9 Private Lesson features (1 page each)
  • 15+ (can’t be bothered to count anymore) rules features (probably 1/2 a page each)
  • 8+ Covers
  • And 1 year’s worth of exercise tips and advice.

And managed to nearly destroy a flashgun, snap the hotshoe off the bottom of one of my pocket wizards (damn), and shot 2335 shots, all with a very annoying cold that just wouldn’t shift all week.

Besides that, all I’ve managed is to go to a “Historical and Mythological” Fancy dress party as the Monty Python Lumberjack

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