This week I are mostly been…

  • Shooting some golf instruction for “Women and Golf” magazine. We did the same shoot last year, but on location, and it took us over 8 very cold hours in an open golf bay in early December. This time round it took about 4 hours (including setting up) in a nice warm studio.
  • Testing the Nikon 85mm PC-E lens, and finding that it does exactly what I was hoping it would. Watch this space (though not too closely, you now how long it takes me to deliver on these things) for results!
  • Shooting tonnes of fitness equipment at a big showroom in Northampton for Men’s Fitness. And discovering that “Upper Body Ergometers” are really easy to begin with, but very tough after about 30 seconds. Mind you, if I had £1500 and the space I’d have one in a shot – it was brilliant exercise!
  • Getting most of my Christmas shopping done – very chuffed to have it done fairly early.
  • Going to a Winter barbecue that wisely ended up being held indoors.
  • Starting to watch the 2nd season of the Wire. Luckily, as it’s being delivered by LoveFilm, I won’t be able to get quite so addicted as when I borrowed the box set.
  • And finally packing and preparing for my 7 day Golf instruction shoot which starts very early tomorrow morning. Don’t expect any activity on the blog until at least next Sunday!

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