This MONTH I are mostly been…

  • Clearly too busy/lazy/tired to write even a weekly update. Pathetic really.
  • Photographing some tethered swimming for Men’s Fitness.
  • Photographing the Wadenhoe Winter Series Quadrac Race, initially off my own back, but then Triathlete’s world picked up on it.
  • Shooting some weightlifters in Bethnal Green for Men’s Fitness.
  • Photographing the wedding of 2 old friends.
  • Shooting a cover for Inside Poker. It’ll look pretty cool once it’s had lots of photoshop on it.
  • Buying a new Telly and DVD Player. Hurrah!
  • Giving a talk at Reid Kerr College in Glasgow.
  • Going to a mate’s 30th Birthday, twice.
  • Doing more stuff for the Street League.
  • Attending the usual AoP Education meeting, which obviously I can’t talk about, as I’m sworn to secrecy, though I’m sure you’re all just dying to know what we talk about.
  • Going on the set of the Inbetweeners to shoot some portraits for Maxim.
  • Shooting a Custom fitting session for Golf Monthly.
  • Covering a training weekend for folk who are off to run the Namibia Ultra Marathon for Men’s fitness. Truly awesome folk, and I wish them every success. I got a little chilly hanging around on Golden Cap for them to run along the coastal path and back, then ran/walked/trotted alongside them for the next 3 miles, snapping away.
  • Taking a load of staff photos for Golf Monthly. Not enormously exciting in it’s own right (though they are lovely folk), but since I drove in and parked in the basement of the Blue Fin Building where they’re based I had to put my car in a lift! A lift – whilst in my car! It was extremely cool.
  • Getting back into old, bad habits of messing up my work/life balance – too much of the former, and not enough of the latter.
  • And as of today, celebrating 16 years as a “pro” photographer. It was on the 1st of February 1993 that I first started on work experience on the local paper. I had my first shot published 2 days later, and the rest is history. Or Legend.

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