This week I are mostly been…

  • Shooting top triathlete’s Olly Freeman, Chrissie Wellington and Sam Gardner, in a back room at Epsom Race course of all places, for Men’s Fitness.
  • Having jobs postponed, then cancelled because of the snow. Marvellous. I’d like to join the large queue of people who think that our general response to a bit of inclement weather is nothing short of pathetic.
  • Shooting some fitness instruction for Triathlete’s world. No journalist or art director, just myself and a personal trainer/model left to sort it out on our lonesome. Lucky we’ve done this sort of thing before really!
  • Going for a really enjoyable 4 mile run on Monday night, in the heavy snow – very good for the legs.
  • Getting food poisoning on Thursday night, not getting any sleep, losing most of Friday, not making it out on Friday night, going back to work too soon, and only getting as far as Victoria station last night on the way to a friend’s 30th birthday.
  • Having new windows fitted in the bathroom. Look, I know you don’t care, but I’ve had a cracked, screwed permanently shut single-glazed piece of crap in there for 18 months, and a new one makes me very happy!

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