This week I are mostly been…

  • Shooting 2 separate fitness supplements/features for Men’s Fitness. 1 in a gym in the city for use throughout the next year, and the second in a studio. The second was probably the toughest one of these I’ve ever shot, at least as far as the model is concerned. Rather than doing our usual trick of just a couple of reps, as I shoot away, we needed each exercise in about 4 stages, then they had to be shot from about 4 different angles. Quite tiring when you’re doing shoulder presses with 60KG, or hanging off a chin-up bar and doing leg raises whilst chinning up as well. Top marks to Toby our model, though slightly less marks for our model from the day before who had major problems with relatively basic moves like lunges!
  • Having a private dance lesson. Altogether now: “I’m your private dancer, a dancer for money, I’ll do what you want me to do…” What a frightening mental image that creates
  • Going along to another Education Working Group Meeting at the AoP. Again, I’d love to tell you all about it, but am sworn to absolute secrecy. You’ll just have to trust me when I say it was pretty scintillating stuff.

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