This week I are mostly been…

  • Attending the usual AoP Education Working Group meeting. Very stimulating it was too. A motion was proposed that education was a good thing, and the group were all agreed.
  • Giving a lecture at NESCOT, and being very impressed with their technical skill and professional attitude.
  • Driving down to Dorset to shoot a bike test for Triathlete’s world.
  • Going to see Watchmen, and being pleasantly surprised that it didn’t suck – Alan Moore’s stuff has a bad record when it comes to slightly unnecessary film adaptations!
  • Photographing a cheerleading class for Men’s Fitness.
  • Shooting the Merrell Mudman.
  • Nearly finishing the building work on the flat – just a few more licks of paint here and there, and I can have the long awaited clean up!

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