This week I are mostly been…

  • Going to the Rivoli Ballroom again, to dance the night away (quite badly) to King Groovy and the Horn Stars.
  • Shooting Neil Channing for Poker Player, at Holborn Studios. Got to ride in a Cherry Picker, and generally act like a prat with the very professional Mr Channing being very patient with me.
  • Shooting a load of training portraits for Triathlete’s World. Would have been a little easier if the 3 people involved had been in the same place at the same time…
  • Finally starting (3rd time lucky) the dance course that I first attempted back in September.
  • Going to see Burnt by The Sun at the National Theatre.
  • Enjoying the simple pleasures of having a working shower in my flat, along with a toilet that flushes rather than needs buckets pouring down it.
  • A seemingly endless round of timber merchants, DIY stores, bathroom suppliers, municipal dumps and so on. I grow weary of reserving something, only to arrive and be told “nah, we haven’t got any in stock, try Greenwich”. particularly when the A2 is broken.
  • Being quite inconvenienced by a broken front door lock on Sunday. Mind you, it gave me an excuse to sing “Trapped in my Flat” with some authenticity. Altogether now… Trapped in my flat, only my memories for company…..

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