This week I are mostly been…

  • Going to Nick Lefltey’s leaving do, as he’s emigrating to america. Sad enough in it’s own right, but made all the more tearful by the fact that the day before, Maxim closed it’s doors for good, and so a hefty proportion of people at the do will be out of work in a few weeks. I first shot for Maxim back in 1999, and although I’ve had busy and quiet patches for them over the years it’s pretty much always been hilarious. Drunken model shoots, Stinging Nettle Eating, Liposuction, Burlesque Dancers, Celebrities in pubs, Royal Marine Commandos, all will be sadly missed.
  • Shooting a supplement and a load of instruction in the studio for Golf Monthly.
  • Finally finishing my improver’s dancing course – it’s the 3rd time I’ve attempted it, as both times in the past, work got in the way and I didn’t manage all 6 weeks.
  • Shooting Golf Monthly vs their Forum at Royal Ascot Golf Club, GM won, and had to sacrifice their prizes, as it’s very bad form to pinch from one’s readers!
  • Doing a shoot for Triathlete’s World in Hyde Park. A group portrait of people in wetsuits, 3 training portraits, and a series on stretching, all in a couple of hours. It being Hyde Park, and us being a fairly easy to spot group we obviously had to go through the rigmarole of getting permits, rather than trying to shoot it Commando Style. I only dealt with this aspect 2nd hand, but even so found it to be way more complicated than when I’ve dealt with people such as Film London. I think Marco, the art director who had to sort it all out, has acquired several new grey hairs as a result of the process. And I shall say nothing of the cost – they must have confused us with a film crew of 30 people and 6 trucks, rather than 1 photographer, 1 work experience person and 7 people standing in shallow water. I think we’ll head to somewhere that’s not a Royal Park next time!

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