This week I are mostly been…

  • Shooting some Octopush, (underwater hockey, for them that don’t know) down in Orpington. Very good fun, though I managed to do something to my right ear, and have been half deaf all week.
  • Going to my Aunt’s 70th Birthday party, which was very good fun. As manic as always.
  • Shooting the 3 “guinea pigs” that Triathlete’s world have been training, as they compete in their first triathlon. They all got on very well, and all looked like they enjoyed it. Shame about the wind and the rain really.
  • Doing a PR shoot for Hill and Knowlton/Adidas at Harrow Borough football club. I shot Jermain Defoe, Ashley Young, Roman Anatolevich Pavlyuchenko, and Alan Brogan in a whole range of gear, as well as some action stuff. It was one of those days when everything gets shoe horned into 1 day, but thanks to herculean efforts on the part of the PR dude it all came off smoothly.
  • Attending an AoP Education Working Group Meeting. As always, you’ll have to wait until the documents have been declassified before I can tell you anything.
  • Going along to a meeting at Apple HQ held by themselves and Nikon. I was there along with 20 or so lecturers from various colleges, and we talked about lots of stuff, which, again, I can’t really tell you about!

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