This week I are mostly been…

  • Nipping over to Monte Carlo for Inside Poker to photograph Gus Hansen. Lovely fella, and very amusing taking shots of him in his flat whilst listening to The Rocky Horror Soundtrack, as well as lots of old Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler tracks. We’re both very cool me and Gus, and down with the kids.
  • Getting up very early on Sunday morning to photograph some trainee triathlete’s for triathlete’s World magazine at Heron lake. Rick Kiddle was giving them some open water swim coaching, and I was paddled around the lake in a kayak by a dude named Dave. Got some great shots, but would perhaps have been better off if I’d had a lie-in instead, what with only getting back from Monte Carlo the night before!
  • Going to my hairdressers’ leaving do (he’s emigrating to Australia – strange chap) and getting very drunk indeed yesterday afternoon. Have been spending my first day off in 2 weeks in a hungover haze.

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