More Timelapse Magic

I enjoyed making the last one so much, that I thought I’d have another go! I made this timelapse back in April, on a week long shoot for Golf Monthly in Tenerife. It was a bit harder to shoot than the last one, due to the differences between shooting on location and in the studio. When shooting golf instruction (without an assistant to wield the timelapse camera) I can only be fairly certain where exactly we’ll end up shooting, so quite often the framing is very wide, and it may be a little hard to work out exactly how I’m shooting stuff!


Rather than waiting around for talent to turn up, as was the case with the last one, this time we spend a great deal of time waiting for either the light to stay consistent, or golfers to clear the course around us.
The eagle eyed amongst you will notice that I’m not the only snapper in the video, and that I even lend a hand to start with. That’s because there were 2 of us shooting all week, myself and Mr Paul Severn, a gentleman who specialises in Golf, and consequently does a much better job than I can! He can even hit golf balls too, which is something I definitely can’t do.
The lovely jaunty music is by Kevin Macleod, the same fella whose stuff I borrowed for the last one. I’ve used up all his lengthy tracks now, so will have to compose my own for the next video!

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