This week I are mostly been…

  • Shooting Team MF in lots of Berghaus gear running around Trent Park near Cockfosters for Men’s Fitness. It was a very serious shoot, and in no way did we end up chasing each other through the woods. Neither did I at any point have to send the art director and the digital editor into the naughty corner as they were making me giggle too much.
  • After several sessions of deep-learning-hypnosis, a weekend long revision course, late nights in front of wikipedia, and a huge bribe to the quizmaster, we finally won the pub quiz on Thursday. That’s it now, I can tick that one off the achievement list, and stop worrying about it.
  • Shooting some arty fitness stuff for Triathlete’s world.
  • Because it would be inappropriate not to, I took the car into the garage again. It’s now had it’s engine management completely reset, and seems to be behaving much more normally. Ideally I’d just like to drive it now, even if just for a few weeks, before I need to take it in again.
  • Shooting a whole day of reportage stuff for Men’s Health’s search for a cover model 2009.
  • Having another meeting about the Nikon/Calumet roadshow 2009/2010. It’s starting to look pretty interesting, and we’ve even got some dates confirmed.

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