This week I are mostly been…

  • Attending an AoP Education Working Group Meeting. Strictly Classified as always.
  • Going up to Leeds to photograph Alistair Brownlee in Training for Men’s Fitness.
  • Taking the car to the garage AGAIN, this time with a weird electrical fault.
  • Heading up to the National Velodrome in Manchester to photograph an introductory fixed wheel cycling class, again for Men’s Fitness.
  • Spending a very pleasant evening with my cousins, as they live in Maidenhead, and I had to be in Oxford for 4am on Friday so that I could photograph a golf marathon – 4 full rounds back to back – for Golf Monthly and the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign. Quite tiring, to put it mildly, but very atmospheric to be out shooting at 4am, and still be there at 10pm!
  • Going to a Tea Dance in the local park, learning to waltz, meeting a man dressed as a chimney sweep with a pram full of vegetables dressed as babies, then going on to a very good friend’s 30th birthday. All perfectly normal for a Saturday.
  • Getting the insurance money I’ve been owed for 6 months for the bathroom!

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