This week I are mostly been…

  • Getting the new car taxed, parking permitted, then calling the RAC out as it wouldn’t start the day I took it for a service. Not an auspicious start, but it performed very happily yesterday on the way to the Blenheim Triathlon.
  • Shooting the same Triathlon for Triathlete’s world. Awesome venue – particularly since I’d just been reading about it being built in The System of the World. Mind you, I got soaked, and despite my fancy Kata rain cover, my 70-200 decided to stop focusing as water had worked it’s way in. Very happy to report that it is now better after a day to dry out. It had only just been serviced by Nikon, so I would have found it even less funny than usual if I’d had to take it in for repair.
  • Going on a big bus tour and then a boat ride with my young lady.
  • Taking some shots for a friend’s band. They’re much less serious in the flesh.
  • Coming 3rd in the pub quiz and getting beaten at squash. Again.

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