This week I are mostly been… Or, “Got any Change Guv?”

  • Shooting Marin Cilic at the Queen’s Club for Men’s Fitness. Lovely Chap, I hope he goes far, and with a serve like he demonstrated I think it’s quite likely!
  • Having a fantastic day at Richmond Rugby club shooting a calendar/catalogue for the Shane Francis Aherne Trust. Beautiful weather, a great location, very willing models and the occasional gorilla, all combined to make a very enjoyable experience indeed. All finished off with a beer on Richmond Green watching the Cricket, and a rainy barbecue. Feel free to donate any money to the Trust, or better still, buy some of the gear once it becomes available! I’ll provide the necessary links in due time.
  • Burning myself out both running and Shooting the 3 peaks challenge for the Captain James Philippson Trust for a feature for Men’s Fitness. It’s one thing to do the 3 peaks race, and something else to have to carry the camera gear and take shots as well! I’ll be sending round a mass email to beg for retrospective sponsorship money very soon, but meanwhile if you’re so inclined and want to donate to the trust you can do so here. Our team managed Ben Nevis in 4 hours and 5 minutes, Scafell in 2 hours 54 minutes and Snowdon in some time or other, for a combined time of 9 hours something something. We also got round all 3 including the driving in 22 1/2 hours, so thanks go to our driver Chris for his sterling work. Right now, more than 48 hours later, my feet, ankles, and calves are still killing me, and I’m dying to pop the big blisters on my toes! A pretty unforgettable experience – although I was very glad to get to the summit of Snowdon and know that it was downhill all the way!

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