Fame and Fortune no. 363 – Gus Hansen Interview in Monte Carlo, with added photographers


For those of you interested in Poker (hands up the 2 of you at the back) here’s a small treat that won’t spoil your appetite before dinner. It’s an interview with Gus Hansen shot back at the start of May by Mr Paul Cheung of Inside Poker fame. It’s nice enough in its own right, but if you watch very closely you’ll see a photographer lurking about here and there, and that’s me hard at work.
If you look even closer you’ll see myself and Gus sharing music (by Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler), Gus searching for said music on itunes, and Gus playing a little Knopfler air guitar. We’re both extremely cool, as you can tell, and in no way stuck in the late 70’s/early 80’s listening to Dad music. Gus was great fun to work with, although I’d met him very briefly back in September it’s always a bit different when you’re shooting in someone’s front room. Particularly if that front room is on the 14th floor of a block in Monte Carlo!

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