This week I are mostly been…

  • Both photographing and attending Jack and Paula’s Wedding, which was a really wonderful day. I’ve known Jack since he was born, and was very happy to see him married. I feel a bit miffed I didn’t spend more time on the bouncy castle, but then I was wearing my Savile Row suit!
  • Shooting a Krav Maga class for Men’s Fitness. Impressive stuff, don’t try and throttle me from the front, as I now know how to deal with it!
  • Taking a trip down memory lane by visiting Wicksteed Park with my young lady. Very pleased to discover that lots of it is still there (I grew up in it, you see) and is still being enjoyed by hundreds of kids today.
  • Taking some cover shots as well as some shots of clubells for Men’s Fitness, down at the Lemonade Factory.
  • Going to Lissy’s 30th Birthday, a week late, as she was a bit ill last week. Hopefully the accordian will make up for it though.
  • Getting the car back from the garage after it had been there more than 2 weeks. It’s still working 3 days later. Isn’t that amazing!
  • Taking some shots of James Akenhead for Inside Poker, again at the Lemonade Factory, but mostly in and around Battersea.
  • Testing lots of technical stuff out with my assistant. Will post the results very soon indeed, as I’m not supposed to be too busy this week.
  • Learning how to do a proper barrel roll whilst in the Back Charleston. How cool is that?

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