This week I are mostly been…

  • Shooting some portraits and training stuff with Peter Reed, the Olympic Gold Medallist, at the Redgrave-Pinsent rowing lake in Caversham. A top bloke, and absurdly fit, but then that’s not really much of a surprise!
  • Going up to Nottingham to photograph Carl Froch, see notes for Peter above! I thought I’d take the train, as my car refused to start.
  • Taking the car back to the garage I bought it from to demand a refund. Refusing to start 3 times in a month, cutting out 3 times whilst driving, and a host of other issues have convinced me this car’s a turkey, and not fit for purpose. The garage (Carcraft – I wouldn’t recommend them very highly), are still deciding what to do, and have got until the end of the day before I start court action against them. Hurrah.
  • Taking lots of shots, including a huge group shot of the Tackle Africa Football Marathon on Clapham Common.
  • Taking portraits of Alastair Campbell at a Triathlon at good old Dorney Lakes (I’m getting very familiar with that venue this year!) Found him to be more amenable than I’d expected, and resisted the urge to take a shot of him when he nipped off for a leak in the bushes as I was leaving the venue!

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