This week I are mostly been…

  • Going to my uncle’s 70th Birthday. A cake in the shape of an allotment, and a birthday card that sings in German were probably the highlights.
  • Shooting Daryl Carter for Triathlete’s World down in Teddington.
  • Finishing my accounts for the year. Wahey! Always gives me a very satisfied feeling when they’re done and dusted.
  • Going to see Prom 52, which was pretty impressive. The London Symphony Orchestra can make quite a noise when they want to, particularly when it’s Shostakovich’s 8th Symphony.
  • Going to Grand Bazaar for my lady’s birthday. We had our table danced on by a very small and very fit turkish man, which was very entertaining. To start with. And then it got in the way of pudding.
  • Taking my lady horse riding for the first time. Think she liked it, hope I haven’t given her any ideas!

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