This week I are mostly been…

  • Shooting some competition winners for Golf Monthly up at Gainsborough.
  • Working with Paul Daley in Nottingham for Men’s Fitness.
  • Going round the Brabazon at the Belfry with Golf Monthly for their annual reader day.
  • Photographing the Men’s Fitness team doing a strongman circuits class at KX Gym.
  • Taking some portraits of Vicky Coren for Poker Player.
  • Going to a friend’s 30th Birthday down in petersfield. It would have been in London, but she rather foolishly broke her foot on Thursday.
  • Getting quite excited when England won the ashes. Just down the road from my flat in fact. Marvellous, truly marvellous. A fantastic performance by Stuart Broad on Friday set the scene, and a little magic from Freddie Flintoff provided the breakthrough today. The Aussies batted with incredibly tenacity, given that they were chasing a record 4th innings total, but at the end, after what had happened in their first innings, the result was pretty much decided. Am very chuffed. Indeed. Particularly after the last test at Headingly when it looked like England had forgotten which end of the bat was which.

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