This week I are mostly been…

  • Travelling to South Wales to photograph a Votwo Mountain Bike Training weekend for Men’s Fitness. It were very wet, as South Wales is wont to be, and I had to cycle alongside people for quite a while with lots of heavy camera gear hanging off me. More than once the thought crossed my mind that many people would still be tucked up in bed (it was early on a Saturday morning), whilst I was fighting off the midges, and getting trenchfoot from all the water running all down my legs. Ah, the sacrifices I make for my job!
  • Going to see The Observer at the National Theatre. Highly recommended, and only has a couple of weeks left to run, so get in quick. I even know the guy who wrote it, although that’s not why I’m recommending it.
  • Having what will probably be the last meeting about the Nikon/Calumet Roadshow, before we kick off, down at Nikon HQ. I’ve got it pretty well mapped out now – an outline for my talk, as well as the framework for the afternoon challenge.
  • Finishing Saturday, by Ian McEwan. Go and buy it now, it’s tops.

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