Last Month I are Mostly Been…

  • Lecturing. That almost sums it up actually, and is why I’ve not been posting at all for about 4 weeks. Did the 2nd half of the Nikon/Calumet Lecture tour, which took in Sheffield Norton and Sheffield Hallam, Newcastle College, University of Central Lancashire, Thames Valley University, Nottingham Trent and finally the University of Derby. I’ve already summed up what I thought here, so I won’t go repeating myself.
  • Shooting Nick Matthew for Men’s Fitness at the National Squash Centre, and picking up some tips along the way.
  • Managing not one but 2 weekends away. First my annual trip to the Peak District to stay with an old friend and his wife, for what will be the last time, as they’ve sold the house. Then a fortnight later, away with my Lady to the southern end of the Lake District (Just before it all disappeared underwater). 2 very pleasant little holidays indeed, and almost certainly a bit overdue!
  • Shooting the PKR Live 3 Tournament near London Bridge. I wish I could get more excited about a room full of blokes (and it was 98% blokes) playing poker, but I just can’t!
  • Shooting another cover, and some extra bits for Men’s Fitness.
  • Becoming a Limited Company. Photosmudger is now a company, and I’m in the process of rolling my old “sole trader” status into it.
  • Bidding goodbye to 2 old friends as they emigrate to Australia. Daft buggers.
  • Watching the fireworks on Blackheath.
  • Winning at squash a few times.
  • Reading “The Steep Approach to Garbadale“, “The Hot Shoe Diaries“, “The Moment it Clicks“, “Russia’s War“, “Bad Science“, and watching “The Crow Road” on DVD. Expect some reviews of the Joe McNally stuff in the near future, as I was rather impressed.

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