Quick Apology

Ahem, sorry about that, not exactly been posting every day have I? No excuses beyond the usual – was very busy, then there was Christmas, New Year etc, plus feeling rather burnt out by the time I reached the end of the lecture tour at the end of November. Anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to since I last got off my lazy arse and wrote something:

  • Having probably the best Christmas and New Year in a very long time. A very pleasant week back with the family, followed by 5 days with a dozen mates in a converted barn on the North Norfolk coast. Bliss. Lots of lovely walks, thousands of games of Killer, Rummikub, Ligretto, Trivial Pursuit, Outburst, Articulate and so on. Piccies can be found here, should you be interested.
  • Shooting Kevin Sinfield, Peter Crouch and James Degale (on separate days) for Men’s Fitness.
  • Shooting some stuff for Women and Golf in the studio, followed by a beauty test.
  • Going along to the remains of the Golf Monthly Christmas Party. They’d been celebrating since lunchtime and I arrived at 8pm. You know that feeling when everyone else in the room is a little tipsy and you’re stone cold sober…..
  • Shooting a supplement for Men’s Fitness, and getting 2 days work done in 1 day.
  • Going up to the Belfry for Golf Monthly on a very snowy day.
  • Having more work done on the car – hell, it had been a couple of months without being in the garage, why not?
  • Going to see both the Cirque Du Soleil and La Clique. La Clique much funnier. And ruder, for that matter.
  • Shooting some group shots for Triathlete’s world in the Central YMCA. Can’t believe after all my years shooting fitness stuff I’ve never been there before – what an awesome place!
  • Going along to the Big Snow Ball at Jitterbugs – my young lady won a prize for her cool hair.

I promise I’ll be posting a bit more frequently now the lecture tour is over and life is approaching some semblance of normality!

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