This week I are mostly been…

  • Shooting a year’s worth of Golf instruction stuff for Golf Monthly over in Gran Canaria, from very early Monday morning until very early Saturday morning. All good fun, thanks to a very professional and entertaining crew, but very hard work thanks to foul weather (torrential rain and hurricane force winds) and grumpy German Golfers. If you’d paid 75 euros to play a round of golf, as well as lord knows how much to travel to the Island and stay in a nice hotel, you could at least pretend to be enjoying yourself!
  • Spending most of this morning wandering the very pretty hills of Surrey to shoot a race report for Men’s Fitness. Quite hard work since the event involved orienteering, rather than a fixed route. No great challenge for me to find my way about, as I’m pretty handy with an OS map, but a bit difficult when you’ve been told the best place to get shots, yomp over there, hang about, and then find that 95% of people have picked a different route. Harrumph. And to the charming local resident who pulled up in his Range Rover as we were leaving, yes I’m sure we did have permission to be there, and it happens to be a public bridleway, but by all means tell the Parish Council about us. And whilst you’re doing it would you mind sticking your head up your arse and then setting fire to it? Thank you so much. Apologies if I sound a little grumpy, I’m very, very tired, and people with more money than sense would be better served staying at home, reading the Daily Mail and adding to their collection of Nazi memorabilia. I was so tempted to let his tyres down when he went off to walk his dog, but feared the wrath of the parish council if I did so.

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