This week I are mostly been…

    • Shooting the wise, venerable and generous editor of Golf Monthly, down in the basement of the IPC building, which meant putting the car in a lift – very exciting indeed, even though I’ve done it before.
    • Photographing Bill Morgan at a hotel in Cambridge. No, I didn’t know who he was either, but he’s the fella who invented the Titleist Pro V1 Golf ball, which since it’s invention has become the most popular ball in the history of Golf. And he was a lovely chap too.
    • Going dancing a couple of times.
    • Going to see Avatar at the Imax. In case you’re one of the few people who hasn’t seen it yet, don’t bother. It’s an hour and half too long, and the script gets steadily worse throughout the film. Liked the references to Aliens though, reminded me of when James Cameron could direct!
    • Photographing 5 guys from the European Long Drive Tour on the Runway at London City Airport, to promote the launch of the 2010 Muscular Dystrophy 4 course challenge. I photographed the 2009 event with Golf Monthly and Rob Bonnet, and was very happy to help out again. Besides which, I got to drive my car down the runway, and watch balls being belted towards Canary Wharf.

There they go, carelessly belting balls at incoming planes. It’s a miracle no one was hurt!

  • Heading back to my folks, so that my girlfriend and I could cook them a meal to say thanks for feeding us all Christmas long. Emma makes a mean Mango Yoghurt Lassi, and we were rewarded with a roast dinner at the local farm.

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