This week I are mostly been…

  • Photographing an extremely impressive bloke who’s paralysed in his right leg, but is still attempting a Double Ironman this summer. That’s a 5 mile swim, 250 Mile Bike ride, and a 52 mile run. I feel humbled.
  • Nearly winning the pub quiz. Joint first, got the same answer in the first tie break question as the other team, but then lost out on the 2nd tie breaker. Gutted.
  • Having a very pleasant roast venison dinner with all my siblings up in North London, followed by some cheese and booze in Islington for Cassie’s birthday.
  • Managing to go dancing twice, once to lessons, and once to a band night at Jitterbugs.
  • Taking the portfolio out. Quite proud of myself for that actually, as I never get round to it!
  • Having a very enjoyable day yesterday doing a roadshow day for the London Strobist Group at Calumet Drummond Street. It made a nice change to be doing it for a group other than students, and they were a very keen, proficient, friendly and animated group. We raised over ¬£300 for the Street Football League, which is cool. And then England beat Wales in the Rugby and my day was complete! You can read a bit more about the day here and here.

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