This week I are mostly been…

  • Losing at Squash. Mind you, it had been a while.
  • Shooting lots of fitness instruction stuff for Men’s Fitness in Central London.
  • Shooting lots of stuff for Fast Track at the Lucozade “Race Your Pace” Half Marathon at good old Dorney Lake.
  • Birthday do, leaving do, but no dancing this week. And no 10K either, due to shooting all weekend. I made up for it by running quite a lot with gear on for both the weekend jobs.
  • Shooting the Hambledon Horseplay 10k for Men’s Fitness. I was genuinely jealous of the runners, as it looked great fun. Note to self, if I want to shoot in the dark in future, my camera needs a torch, just the same as I do, otherwise focusing becomes very tricky!

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