This week I are mostly been…

Giant SquidThe Giant Squid at the Natural History Museum, although you really can’t get a good sense of the scale from a crappy snap like this.

  • Nipping over to Nuremberg to photograph Sam Hutsby at the Taylormade Centre of Excellence for Golf Monthly. Nearly didn’t make the flight thanks for a fire on the A12, but worth it once I got there. Very cool place, even for a non-golfer like me, and Sam’s a lovely chap.
  • Running a 10k for the first time in ages. Feel much better, but only because I went to see an Osteopath on Monday and now my back is pretty much lined up right. Let this be a lesson to other haggard and stubborn pro’s out there – if your back is giving you grief, go and get it seen to!
  • Hanging out in Downing street to photograph Gordon Brown and Alan Johnson, to help promote The Street League. Normally I’d rather not be near such characters, in case I’m filled by an overwhelming urge to strike out and wound them, but since I’ve worked for the charity so long I couldn’t say no. Plus I got to nose around in No. 11 a little bit, which was fun.
  • Having a busy day yesterday going to see the Paul Nash exhibition at Dulwich Picture Gallery, then off to the Natural History Museum to see the Darwin centre. The former was superb, and highly recommended, but the latter was a bit disappointing – too many fancy touch screen that don’t work very well, and not enough “intelligent design and creationism are bollocks – the scientific method is the only logical way forward” kind of thing, which I was secretly hoping for! However, what was very good indeed was a talk given by my sister’s boyfriend about the Giant Squid (see above) and the subsequent behind the scenes tour he then took us on. Kittens with no faces, 150 year old specimens, mutant pigs, vampire squids, blue-ringed octopi, it was all very cool indeed. Cheers Jon, we’ll buy you a mini mars bar to say thanks, we’ve heard you like them!
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