This week I are mostly been…

OrchidScary, but pretty. Reminds me too much of the Triffids.
  • Shooting a Metropolitan Police Special Constable up in Islington for Men’s Health Bespoke. It’s just like Men’s Health, only it fits you better.
  • Driving up to Stoke to the Wedgewood museum and factory, to photograph the work in progress on a the Trophy for the National Golf Club Challenge and portraits of the organiser for Golf Monthly. If it comes off it should be a huge event.
  • Bit of dancing, bit of running, friend’s birthday party, usual social stuff.
  • Big Pancake party at mine, slightly late due to being abroad on the day itself.
  • Took a trip down to Kew with my young lady to check out the last day of the Tropical Extravaganza. Awesome, frankly.
  • After being in denial for a very long time, finally admitting that I’ve got a problem with my back/shoulders/neck etc, almost certainly caused by heaving heavy gear in and out of the car, up and down stairs and so on for so many years. Am off to see the osteopath this afternoon, and whilst I don’t expect an instant cure he will at least set me on the right track, and tell me what I shouldn’t be doing!

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