This week I are mostly been…

Thames BarrierApproaching the Thames Barrier – just after they’d opened it.
  • Driving up to Durham to photograph Daniel Singh and “Brutus Magnus” for Men’s Fitness. A great couple of guys, and I was very impressed with their professionalism and their performances. Mind you, I still think wrestling is a little silly, but I doubt I’d say it to their faces!
  • Bit of dancing, bit of squash, the usual, really.
  • Snapping lots of runners in training for the London Marathon down at St Mary’s for Runner’s World. All good fun, though slightly spoiled by England getting beaten by Ireland in the Rugby straight afterwards.
  • Going on another RIB Voyage, this time down to, and through, the Thames barrier. Absolutely fantastic fun – I swear we jumped clear of the water a couple of times. I’m pretty sure my Aunt and Uncle (both in the 70’s) enjoyed it too, although they seemed a little more nervous than my girlfriend and I!
  • Taking the portfolio out again. This is almost becoming a habit.

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