This week I are mostly been…

  • Buying a new Car. An absolutely brand new car. Am quite chuffed, so far.
  • Shooting some golfers having their clubs custom fitted, for Golf Monthly.
  • Heading down to Surrey to photograph James Haskell putting some Men’s Health Readers through their paces.
  • Attending the second of the three “Photography Isn’t Dead” events. I expect by the third one I won’t have to rush off half way through, as I’ve not seen through to the end of either of them yet.
  • Shooting a feature for Men’s Fitness at The 25 Club. Shots will look quite cool when finished, as there’s a little bit of photoshopping work to be done to them.
  • Going to see “The Ghost” at the cinema. Very enjoyable, and very beautifully shot.
  • Spending a very long, but all in all very satisfying day at the London Marathon today for Fast Track. Started at 6.30 in the morning, and carried on till about 4, covered a lot of miles myself, and now have a very sore neck. Luckily I’m off to see the Osteopath in the morning….

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