This week I are mostly been…

One EyeAh, the joys of “one eye”, how the army drink this stuff I’ll never know. Miles and Jonathan using up leftover rations from when I was last learning survival from Colin Towell.
  • Taking some pics of Andy Hodge, at the GB rowing centre, for Men’s Fitness.
  • Snapping some lucky fellas getting custom fitted with Taylormade Drivers for Golf Monthly.
  • Taking a group shot of some triathlete’s from Credit Suisse, for Triathlete’s World and running into some problems with security along the way.
  • Going dancing twice.
  • Taking my 2 godsons for a 10 mile walk in the Peak District in perfect weather – building a shelter, doing navigation, eating army rations, running round an assault course, and jumping in peat bogs made for a pretty perfect day. Well done lads, it was a lot of climbing, and a lot of walking, but the “one eye” helped keep us going.

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