This week I are mostly been….

  • Shooting a book and some covers for those nice folk at Men’s Fitness, down in the studio at the Lemonade Factory.
  • Making it to dancing a couple of times, but not making it to Charlie’s Birthday, due to exhaustion.
  • Taking a portrait of Phil Packer for Runner’s World. Pretty inspiring bloke.
  • Photographing the awesome, and very impressive Harry Akines-Aryeety, up in Loughborough University for Men’s Health.
  • Shooting a FitBrit challenge with a Labour MP and a Lib Dem MP for Men’s Fitness. Labour won, but were then beaten by the Tories on Thursday, and a part of me hopes the same feat won’t be repeated in just over a months time.
  • Taking some shots of a Custom fitting session at Callaway for Golf Monthly.
  • Nipping down to Portsmouth for the Easter weekend with my lady and her folks.

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