This week I are mostly been…

  • Shooting lots of instruction stuff for Women and Golf magazine down at Chestfield Golf Course near Whitstable. Very pretty course, but very cold in the North Easterly wind coming off the coast.
  • Bit of dancing, quite of bit of riding around on the new bike, including a very scenic trip down to Kingston and back to collect some gear from Nikon.
  • Photographing the editor of Runner’s World having some swimming coaching for a feature for Triathlete’s world. We couldn’t shoot in the pool, so had lots of fun miming up in the spectator stands.
  • Going to see Iron Man 2, because that’s the sort of cultured individual I am.
  • Posting this early, as I’m off to the highlands of Scotland for a week as of early tomorrow morning. First weeks holiday in a very long time (if you don’t count christmas!) See you when I get back.

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