This month I are mostly been..

Loch TeacuisLoch Teacuis on a very calm day. About 100 yards where we spotted a pair of Pine Martens.
  • A bit lazy, obviously, as I’ve not managed to post a single thing on the blog.
  • Having a week up in Morvern with my Mum and Dad, and for a couple of days at least, my girl-friend, as well as assorted cousins and 2nd cousins. Fantastic walking, pretty good weather, great food, and more wildlife than we’d normally see in several trips. Good views of Sea Eagles, Golden Eagles, Crossbills, Pine Martens, Otters, Seals, Buzzards, Deer, and so on. I started suffering from withdrawal symptoms as soon as I got back.
  • Getting out on the new bike quite a lot. Love it, absolutely love it. Even took some lessons with these guys to give me a better idea of how to deal with the more crowded and complicated bits of London.
  • Shooting a strongman competition, Ross Pearson, an MMA fighter, Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Alex Hibbert at the RGS, all for Men’s Fitness.
  • Shooting some Artisan golfers for Golf Monthly.
  • Taking pics of this years “Guinea Pigs” for Triathlete’s World
  • Shooting the Tri Grand Prix down in Kent, again for TW.
  • Shooting Sean Fitzpatrick for Triathlete’s World.
  • Taking some shots of Chris McDougall the barefoot runner for 220 Triathlon.
  • Photographing a nice bloke at Betfair for Inside Poker Business.
  • Couple of birthday parties, bit of dancing, Cousin’s emigrating do, that kind of thing.
  • Reading The Isles, Midwich Cuckoos, Das Reich, and The Big Short. All get the thumbs up.

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