All Quiet on the Photosmudger Front

Shop DummiesShop Dummies in a City window, taken on one of my location scouting rides on my bike. If there’s one thing I’ve done a lot of this summer it’s cover miles on the bike. Lots of miles.

OK, so it’s been a bit quiet here hasn’t it? No-one’s fault but mine of course, but I have an excuse all lined up and ready to go if you’ll permit me…

Basically I’ve had a crap summer, work-wise. May, June and July were all very average in turnover terms, and although August was much better, this month’s not shaping up to be that great either. Add to that an unprecedented number of jobs being double-booked, cancelled at the last minute due to weather/personnel issues/acts of god, and a lot of postponements and all in all it’s not been a great season.

Thing is, I don’t feel too hot talking about photography if I can’t come up with the goods to back it up – I’ve always been wary of being someone who talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk, if you will. I’m all too aware that there are busy periods and quiet periods in a freelancers career, and I’ve been through enough of them in the 12 years I’ve been down in London, it’s just that I’ve not had an honest-to-god quiet (or even average) patch like this in more than 9 years. The catch to writing even a weekly post listing what I’ve shot in the last week is that it looks a bit crap if 2 of the jobs went South, and the only thing I achieved that week was to clean the bathroom!

I’m sorely tempted to write a series of posts explicitly on how to survive quiet stretches like this – and yet don’t feel qualified since I clearly don’t have the perfect answer – if I did then the quiet periods would only turn up as and when I wanted them to! Am I just being a perfectionist, or would people be interested in hearing my thoughts on the subject?

Not bathroom cleaning tips, obviously, I’m a mere amateur at that, just ask my lady.


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