This Week I are Mostly Been….

Mont VentouxMont Ventoux, from the start of the approach route.
  • Photographing some of the November 9, and most of Team Full Tilt, at the Soho Hotel. They were all here to take part in the WSOPE.
  • Jetting down to France to photograph the editorial director of Men’s Fitness cycling up Mont Ventoux. Quite a challenging climb, as those of you who are down with the cycling thing will know, and he did very well. He also clocked 50MPH on the descent, and gave himself quite a fright.
  • Shooting 6 months worth of home workouts for Men’s Fitness at the Lemonade Factory.
  • After nearly 2 years of “going out with each other” Emma moved in this weekend, so I’ve been doing quite a lot of furniture shifting, trips to the tip/storage facility and the rest. It’s all worth it though.

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