This Week I are Mostly Been….

Yoga on Beckton AlpsKatie doing some Yoga on the top of Beckton Alps. Brew drinkers not pictured.
  • Shooting some pack shots of the special edition Manics Street Preachers Album “Postcards from a Young Man“. I’m rubbish at still life, and therefore was curiously proud when I managed to get the reflections right in the snazzy gold packaging. The shots on Amazon are of the boring normal package, and I suspect it probably sounds worse than the Gold one I shot as well.
  • Going to my Cousin’s wedding. A very good time was had by all, not least by Mum and Dad who actually got up and danced, and by the happy couple’s youngest daughter who kept running up on stage and singing “Happy Birthday to Me” during the speeches.
  • Shooting some yoga stuff for the portfolio on the summit (!) of Beckton Alps – see above. It was a beautiful evening, and rather a nice spot, despite its’ dilapidated air and proximity to the A13. Perhaps that’s why so many people choose it as a place to hang out and drink brew – didn’t make for the ideal calming yoga atmosphere!
  • Taking the portfolio round a bit.
  • Going out to dinner at Village East. Very tasty.
  • Having a look round the Painted Hall at Greenwich Naval College. My word, it’s quite impressive.
  • Shooting the Tough Tracks race for Men’s Fitness (you may need to log in to view that first link – god knows why). Fabulous venue, and I was very jealous of the competitors, as I’d have loved to have been running and cycling it myself. Don’t think my cyclocross bike was quite up to some of the technical mountain bike sections, but I managed not to break it. I did destroy a pair of trousers though, and I’m mystified how I can have shredded them so badly on a rock as I fell over, and yet my leg seems (thankfully) almost unharmed.

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