This Week I are Mostly Been….

Katie DawkinsKatie Dawkins, on a very cold Thursday morning in Sussex. Lovely light mind you, just bloody freezing.
  • Taking some shots of Padraig Harrington, at the London Club, for Golf Monthly. It’s cold, the London Club, and on a very exposed part of Kent – even colder if you have to hang around outside waiting a while!
  • Shooting some instruction stuff for Women and Golf down at Cowdray Park with Katie Dawkins.
  • Taking some portraits of Mark Roe, for Golf Week. As amusing as ever, although this time I avoided asking him to do handstands.
  • And just for a break from Golf, shooting the 2nd half of a home workout supplement for Men’s Fitness at the Lemonade Factory.
  • And enjoying my first weekend at home in a month, very pleasant 35 mile bike ride this morning, but sadly my Lady’s been rather unwell, so I’ve been on nursing duties. Try not to imagine me in the uniform.

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