This Week I are Mostly Been….

King RatMr Jim Mee, being held aloft by Erin, Claire and Dorota, after the final Men’s Health “Survival of the Fittest” race in Edinburgh. Not really a suitable prize for finishing, most of the girls would have preferred a goodie bag.

  • Just got back from 2 days in Edinburgh shooting the last of the Men’s health Survival of the Fittest races. Probably the toughest of the lot, as Edinburgh itself is so lumpy. Quite hard work on a bike with roughly 12KG strapped to my back!
  • Taking a Portrait for Triathlete’s World.
  • Erm, O think that’s about it, if you don’t count a lot of learning new photoshop stuff from, and organising lots of shoots. What with not getting back from France until Tuesday morning, and shooting all weekend, my week’s pretty much gone….


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