This Week I are Mostly Been….

LambourghiniAlan Hocknall, Callaway’s Chief Engineer, in front of a Lambourghini, whilst holding “Flat Connor”, who accompanied me on my trip to Paris. 2 Dimensional paper friends are better than Imaginary ones in my book.
  • Nipping over to the Paris Motor Show to photograph the Lambourghini Stand – Callaway are launching a new driver that’s made of the same stuff as the new Lambo – hence why myself and Golf Monthly were there. A very interesting place to go people watching, and a great pleasure to travel there via eurostar, rather than having to bloody fly!
  • Going to a recording of the BBC Symphony Orchestra at Maida Vale Studios – Strauss, Mozart, and Dvorak, all for free, and all live, about 10 ft from where we were sitting. Superb.
  • Photographing Blu Mar Ten for Flipside magazine. Top blokes, who I would have liked to have carried on chatting to, but they had work to do (which they tend to do late into the night), and I had to get home at some point.
  • And I’ve just got back from Cardiff, where I’ve been photographing the first of the three Men’s Health “Survival of the Fittest” Races. Superb fun, as always, and thankfully the early rain had stopped by the time the race started. Managed to snap the cheap and nasty pedals that came with my bike though, but that gives me a chance to buy new ones….

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