This Week I are Mostly Been….

Chris on Work ExperienceChris on work experience, standing (lying) in for Leo Houlding.

  • Shooting a Guest Workout feature for Men’s Fitness at the Reebok Gym in Canary Wharf.
  • Going to a recording of Mark Thomas’ Manifesto at the BBC Radio Theatre. Very amusing when the suggested policies were whimsical and daft, but less amusing when they got serious and people got inevitably irate and often showed how ignorant or prejudiced they were.
  • Shooting a Sports Drills feature for Men’s Fitness with Leo Houlding at the Third Space in Soho. Despite carrying a a couple of recent injuries he could still scamper up the wall effortlessly, and was able to pivot round on one toe on a seemingly non existant piece of wall, and carry on chatting away calmly throughout. Quite a dude.
  • Going to a Jonsi gig in Hammersmith, very pretty. Not Hammersmith, the gig.
  • Having brunch at Balans, and braving the centre of town on a Saturday close to Christmas. They should hand out medals for that kind of thing.
  • Going to a Humanist naming ceremony for our friend’s daughter. A bit like a christening, but with much more beer, and held in a pub, and considerably more moving since all the speeches are about the people invovled rather than some abstract deity.


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